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Welcome to The Healing House where Reiki is the key to healing!

Reiki MelbourneThe Healing House offers Reiki Healings and Reiki Training, Attunement and Healing Workshops in Ivanhoe and Geelong with Reiki Master, Gillian Moxom.

Gill also offers Healings and other Workshops, with Reiki as the Key.

What is the Mission Statement of The Healing House?

"To offer a supportive space for heartfelt connection.
Connection with Self, Connection with Others, Connection with Purpose".

What are the Benefits of Reiki?

Learning Reiki offers a unique opportunity for personal healing, along with the ability to offer healings to others.

It is wonderful to have Reiki in your life.

During a Reiki Healing your internal energy field, physical energetic self and external energy field flow into balance back to its natural state of harmony.

This state of harmony results in
** feelings of inner peace,
** release of physical stress and stressful thoughts,
** increased energy,
** a greater sense of personal well being,
** a deeper connection with your personal emotional, mental, physical and spiritual self
and so much more!!

Reiki Master Gillian Moxom offers reiki healings, training and workshops in Ivanhoe.Reiki Melbourne

Gill became aligned as a Reiki Master: Teacher and Healer in 1996. Soon after she, established The Healing House and has been a Full- Time Reiki Practitioner since then. Gill now also has a practice in St Albans Park in Geelong, as well as her practice in Ivanhoe near Melbourne.

Gill also offers Healings and other Workshops, with Reiki as the Key.

With her wealth of knowledge and experience, she also facilitates Meditation Circles, Personal Growth and Spiritual Awareness Workshops, a Women's Retreat and offers the personalized Wholistic Life Skills program.

She also facilitates other Workshops that support healing, personal connection, goal setting and consciousness.

Gill also presents Conscious Relaxation - Pro-Active Stress Relief to business's and community groups.

Gill is a Reiki specialist offering pure Reiki Master Healings.

Reiki can have a profound and positive influence on your general health and well-being. Reiki offers harmonizing & healing for your emotional, mental, physical, & spiritual well-being.

Gill brings sensitivity, care and understanding along with a wealth of experience to Reiki Healing and Reiki Workshops.

Why learn Reiki With Gill at The Healing House?

Gill brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her Reiki Classes.

She has been a Full Time Reiki Healing Practitioner and Reiki Teacher for over 16years and specializes in Reiki.

Gill is an accredited Reiki Master with the Australian Reiki Connection - Australia's leading Reiki association and is a member of the Association of Australian Reiki Professionals. She has studied counselling with The Cairnmillar Institute.

Gill is actively involved with an Wholistic approach to her own life. She has Meditation as a part of her daily life, pursues physical exercise and consciously seeks opportunities to expand her Knowledge, Wisdom and Personal Healing, with Reiki as the key.

Because of her own experience of learning Reiki in a large group, Gill limits her Reiki Workshops to 9 participants.

This assures all participants of personal attention and guidance as well as supervised healing practice and healing experiences throughout the Workshop.

You will learn how to offer healings to others as well as self healing

Gill's small and personalized Reiki Classes will support you as you learn about Reiki and integrate this wonderful healing energy.

At the conclusion of Gill's Reiki One and Reiki Two Workshops, all participants receive a Voucher for a One Hour Personal Appointment with Gill.

At this appointment you will have the opportunity to receive a Reiki Master Healing. The Personal Appointment also gives you the opportunity to ask Gill any questions that may have after the completion of the Workshop. The Personal Appointment can be in either St Albans Park in Geelong or Ivanhoe in Melbourne.

With Gill's experience as a trainer and her dedication to Reiki, she brings clarity and patience, gentleness and calmness, compassion and understanding to her Reiki Training, Attunement and Healing Workshops. She explains all aspects of Reiki with a down to earth and practical approach that is easy to understand and easy to bring into daily life.

How to get Started with Reiki at The Healing House?

There are two ways to get started on your Reiki journey with Gill at The Healing House.

*** The first way is to contact Gill and arrange a Personal Appointment. At the appointment you will get the chance to meet Gill and receive a Reiki Master Healing.

Gill is available for Personal Appointments in both Melbourne in Ivanhoe and in St Albans Park in Geelong.

*** The second way is to contact Gill and arrange how to confirm your place at the next Reiki One Training, Attunement and Healing Workshop.
You can call Gill on 0407 561 607 or send her an email through this website

Reiki Master Healings

Receiving a Master Healing can create awareness for physical healing along with personal and spiritual growth. A Master Healing aids emotional and mental peace, stability and healing. These healings ease tension and create a sense of peace and well-being. They promote positive personal growth and can take you to a new level of personal wholeness, balance, harmony and spiritual growth.

Reiki Distance Healings

Written Distance Reiki Healings are powerful and effective healings which help you understand issues in your life at a deeper, spiritual level. You may choose a written healing because you can't come physically to see Gill and experience a 'hands on' healing. You may choose to have a Written Distance Healing to receive written feedback on issues which are raised from your unconscious to your conscious awareness.

Open Reiki Sessions

Open Reiki Sessions with Gill are held regularly in Melbourne.

Everyone is welcome to come along and experience Reiki or to practice their Reiki healing techniques.

These sessions are for anyone who has learned Reiki or anyone who is interested in Reiki.

The Healing House Mission Statement is:

To offer a supportive space for heartfelt connection.
Connection with self, connection with others and connection with purpose.

Workshop Schedule

Dates are listed on the Events Page & in The Healing House Gazette

Please call Gill on 0407 561 607 to confirm all dates. At times, due to unforeseen circumstances, the schedule can change.

At The Healing House Gill offers....

Reiki 1
Reiki 2
Reiki 2 Extension

Reiki Master: Healer
Reiki Master: Teacher & Healer

PERSONAL Reiki Master Healings


Reiki Healing Circles
Personal Growth and Spiritual Awareness Circles

Home Blessings
Sacred Earth Circle Creations

The Chakra Workshop
The Wesak Experience - Womens' Retreat
Reflect, Review & Renew Wholistsic Manifestation in Action

'Conscious Relaxation - A Pro-Active Stress Strategy'

Call The Healing House on 0407 561 607 and speak with Gill personally.
She will welcome your call and inquiries.

It's Time to Heal!