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The Healing House mission statement is
 "To offer a supportive space for heartfelt connection. Connection with Self, Connection with Others, Connection with Purpose."


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Reiki One Training, Attunement & Healing Workshops with Gill

Healing HouseCall Gill to Reserve your place ...

Reiki Workshops are limited to 9 participants ...
6 & 12 November or 15 & 21 January 2017

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Welcome to The Healing House
where Reiki is the key to healing!

Reiki MelbourneLearn Reiki and receive Reiki Healings with Reiki Master, Gillian Moxom.

Gill has a Reiki Practice in both Melbourne and Geelong. Reiki with Gill in Melbourne is in Ivanhoe and Reiki with Gill in Geelong is in St Albans Park.

Gill has been a full-time practitioner since she became aligned as a Reiki Master in 1996.

Reiki Specialist.

Gill is a Reiki Specialist. She offers pure Reiki Healings and a balanced, nurturing, supportive, down to Earth, practical and highly effective approach to her Reiki Workshops.

Call The Healing House on 0407 561 607 and speak with Gill personally about Reiki at her Melbourne Reiki Practice in Ivanhoe or Geelong Reiki Practice in St Albans Park.

Reiki Workshops & Healings with Gill

Gill also offers Healings and other Workshops, with Reiki as the Key.

With her connection with Reiki, wealth of knowledge and experience,
Gill also facilitates Meditation Circles, Personal Growth and Spiritual Awareness Workshops, as well as an annual Women's Retreat.

Gill has developed a highly effective personalized Reiki healing and personal awareness program called Wholistic Life Skills.

She also facilitates the creation of Sacred Earth Healing Circles.

Gill is available for Personal Appointmentswhere you can receive Reiki Master Healings.

She has developed and presents Conscious Relaxation - A Pro-Active Stress Relief Strategy to business's and community groups.

What are the Benefits of Reiki?

Reiki offers a unique opportunity for personal healing, along with the ability to offer healings to others.
Reiki Healing is easy to learn, easy to share with others and can have a huge positive influence in your life!

It is wonderful to have Reiki in your life.

Reiki brings your internal energy field, physical energetic self and external energy field into balance back to its natural state of being.
Life can be very hectic, with little time for ourselves. Reiki opens the door for personal healing and energy renewal! After you learn Reiki you have the opportunity to reach out and support others with their healing too!

Reiki brings ...

  • Feelings of inner peace,
  • Release of physical stress and stressful thoughts,
  • Increased energy,
  • A greater sense of personal well being,
  • A deeper connection with your personal emotional, mental, physical and spiritual self
  • And so much more!!

It's Time to Heal!